Yvonne Kozlina | About Yvonne
Portrait Artist Yvonne Kozlina is a Boulder Colorado artist and illustrator.
Portrait Artist Yvonne Kozlina Boulder Colorado artist, illustrator.
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About Yvonne


Yvonne combines her uncanny photo-realism with a spiritual connection to her subjects and pieces. Her work flows through her and on to the canvas in a state of deep quasi-meditative trance. Yvonne’s work reveals decades of mastery. Her awe-inspiring realism magically captures the essence of her subjects, with compellingly subtle layers of impressionist, expressionist and bold modernist touches.


Yvonne grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she started drawing and painting as a young girl. She studied at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh before launching a career focused on commissioned portraiture for discrete East Coast and International clientele. Yvonne recently moved to Boulder, Colorado to focus on her signature work. Captivated by the colors and brilliance of the Rocky Mountain West, Yvonne’s style combines layers upon layers of color and movement, resulting in a unique depth, vibrancy and vitality in her pieces. She has a profound love for animals – which can often be felt in her work as she captures their moods, their spirits, and their personalities. You will find Yvonne’s work in fine galleries, and can inquire directly for a custom commission of your favorite animal, family member or other cherished subject.